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2018 Suzuki Jimny Review

The Suzuki Jimny, the Land Rover Defender, the Mercedes G Wagon and the Jeep Wrangler all have one thing in common; they trace their roots to military cars and they also appeal to a distinctly masculine clientele. These are cars that awaken a sense of adventure like no other and it's a thing that you either have it or you don’t. The Suzuki Jimny stands out amongst these as the only car that offers the same level of capability but at a significantly lower price point. It's a highly modifiable platform that can be fitted with a wide range of accessories which makes it a highly desirable car. 
From Ksh 1,700,000
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2013 Toyota RAV4 Review

The Toyota RAV4 has grown in leaps and bounds and is now at par with larger SUVs in terms of interior space and driving dynamics. But yet, it still lacks the crucial third row seat that made the Toyota Vanguard so popular in Kenya and many buyers are considering the 2014 Nissan X-Trail as an alternative seeing it has now adopted the third row seat. All in all, the Toyota RAV4 is an excellent SUV that is radically different and bigger than the previous generations. it competes with the Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, Nissan X-Trail, Subaru Forester, VW Tiguan and Mitsubishi Outlander.
From Ksh 2,700,000
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2016 Toyota Fortuner Review

Since its launch in 2005, the Toyota Fortuner has established itself as a legitimate SUV that performs almost at the same level as the Toyota Prado but it was historically hindered by rear leaf springs that gave it a bumpy truck-like ride. But now the second generation comes with coil springs all round and a new 2.8-Litre turbo diesel engine that transforms the Fortuner into a silky smooth SUV. This leads us to think it could be a better value for money than the Prado considering its lower price point. It competes with the Toyota Prado, Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Pathfinder and Ford Everest.
From Ksh 5,000,000
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2013 Nissan Sylphy Review

The Nissan Sylphy is a five seater saloon that comes with excellent interior space and a refreshed exterior look. It's one of the few cars in the market that offers a perfect balance between luxury and economy making it highly recommended for people with families. It competes with the Toyota Premio, Toyota Allion, Mitsubishi Galant Fortis and Mazda Atenza.
From Ksh 1,100,000
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2014 Nissan Note Review

We love the Nissan Note for being one of the most spacious hatchbacks in the market offering excellent legroom that is far much better than most station wagons in the market. It is also an efficient car that ranks highly in fuel economy which makes it an excellent car to buy for people on a tight budget. It competes with the Toyota Ractis, Subaru Trezia, Honda Fit and Mazda Demio.
From Ksh 850,000
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2012 Mazda Demio Review

The 2012 Mazda Demio improves on fuel efficiency by introducing the 13C-V SMART EDITION II grade that uses a rear roof spoiler and undercover to improve fuel efficiency by 0.4km/L. This is in addition to the existing SKYACTIV grade that is super efficient and yet powerful.
From Ksh 600,000
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2014 Range Rover Review

The Range Rover is a premium SUV that inhabits the pinnacle of luxury and a preeminent symbol of affluence around the world. A distinction it has held for the last 50 years and doesn’t look to relinquish any time soon. In Kenya, it's favoured by the old money and the wealthy patriarchy, more so for its legendary safety than its luxury. The political class largely avoid it preferring the Toyota Land Cruiser and its lesser brother, the Toyota Prado.
From Ksh 12,000,000
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2012 Mitsubishi RVR Review

The Mitsubishi RVR is a compact SUV that boasts of good safety ratings and a spacious interior. Its steadily gaining popularity in Kenya and is now among the most popular small sized SUVs to buy in this market. It comes with a 1.8L engine that is sufficiently powerful and reliable. It competes with the Subaru XV, Nissan Juke, Nissan Dualis/Qashqai and Honda Vezel. spacious interior when compared to its closest rivals such as the Nissan Juke, Subaru XV and Honda Vezel. It also boasts of a powerful 1.8L engine
From Ksh 1,600,000
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