Driving Tips That Minimize Fuel Consumption

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Fuel consumption is a point of concern for many drivers and car buyers. Fuel prices affect everyone and with the rising costs, most people opt for cars with lower fuel consumption as they are more economical. Additionally, it’s better for the environment if your car isn’t a fuel guzzler. Without proper care and good driving, you can increase your car’s fuel consumption by up to 30%.  That’s quite a significant amount that can be prevented. Here are some driving tips to minimize your car’s fuel consumption.

Avoid Carrying Too Much Weight

Make sure your car as light as possible before driving. Remove any unnecessary items that are on the heavy side. According to a study done, every 50Kgs adds 2% more fuel consumption. So, assuming you’re carrying one adult plus yourself with a combined weight of 150Kgs, that’s already a 6% fuel consumption increase. Therefore, try and be discerning of the luggage you pack in your car.

Check The Tyre Pressure

Driving your car with an under-inflated tyre is not only dangerous but also it increases your car’s fuel consumption. Under-inflated tyres increase resistance thus burning more fuel for more power. Ensure that you check your tyre pressure at least once a month and if there is a problem, try and fix it as soon as possible.

Avoid Idling

It’s understandable to leave your car running for a little while to warm up your engine. However, it’s enough to simply start your car for a few seconds without revving the car then driving away. Idling for more than a minute is unnecessary. Not to mention, it pollutes the environment. In case you’re stuck in heavy traffic, you can switch off the car to save on fuel.

Use A Manual Transmission

One of the best perks of driving a manual car is that it maximizes of fuel efficiency. It allows the driver to have more control over the car by manually changing the gears which can reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, it’s better for the driver can learn how to drive the car efficiently with a manual transmission. This is a good reason to consider buying a manual car.

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Change Routes

Sometimes, the shorter route isn’t the better route. When driving, there are more things to consider apart from the distance so as to reduce fuel consumption. If the route you use for daily commute involves inclinations, traffic and/or rough terrain, your car is more likely to consume more fuel than a longer route that’s not riddled with so many obstacles. Consider taking a different route to work to minimize fuel consumption.

Drive Slow

In case you’re wondering why your fuel-efficient car isn’t as efficient, it could be because you’re driving too fast. Try driving slow. By slow, I mean relatively slow. Driving fast can be thrilling but it also uses more fuel. However, driving extremely slow also consumes more fuel. The bests speeds are between 45Km/h to 75Km/h to maximize fuel consumption. 

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