Pros And Cons Of An Automatic Transmission

Pros And Cons Of An Automatic Transmission

Driving an automatic transmission is the norm in the modern world due to its many advantages. This preference began as a matter of convenience as more motorists wanted a less stressful drive to and from work. Despite being more expensive than manual cars, people seemed to like the automatic ones more. Now, most cars on the road have an automatic transmission.

Automatic transmission cars have proved themselves over the years as reliable, convenient and effortless. However, if you’re looking for a car, it’s important to know both the good and bad of an automatic transmission so as to make an informed decision. Here are some pros and cons of automatic cars.



  1. Convenient

There’s no doubt that automatic transmission cars are more convenient than manual transmission cars. If you’ll be using it as a daily commuter car, then you don’t want the hassle of shifting gears every single time you drive.

  1. Easy To Drive

Automatic transmission cars are so easy to drive even a child can do it. You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge like when and how to change gears with an automatic transmission since it does the heavy work for you.

  1. Effortless

Since you don’t have to worry about shifting gears, you put your focus more on the road. It’s a good choice especially for inexperienced drivers as it offers a more comfortable drive than a manual transmission.

  1. Accurate

One of the reasons automatic cars are so popular is because it’s less prone to stalling or breakage due to incorrect gear shift. The gearbox is delicate and can easily get damaged if the gears aren’t shifted properly. With an automatic transmission, this isn’t a problem since it features a dual-clutch that is effective for the gear shift.

  1. High resale value

Automatic transmission cars have a lower depreciation rate than manual cars thanks to their popularity. They maintain their resale value well and while selling an automatic car, you can fetch a higher price than a similar car that has a manual transmission.

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  1. Expensive

Yes, automatic transmission cars are more expensive than manual transmission cars. With that kind of technology, you’re bound to pay a pretty penny for it. Additionally, automatic cars are more expensive to maintain.

  1. Boring

An automatic transmission takes the fun out of driving a car. If you want to feel the thrill, it’s better to buy a manual transmission especially for high-performance cars like Subaru, Mitsubishi and the like. As stated, automatic cars are most preferable for a daily commute.

  1. Lack of control

Automatic transmission makes many drivers feel powerless. The power to shift gears is no longer in your hands and you have to rely on the car to increase or decrease power. Though this transmission is very accurate, in some cases you might want to change the gears manually such as putting it on neutral to save fuel.

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