Subaru SI-DRIVE Technology

SI-DRIVE -Subaru Intelligent Drive

SI-DRIVE stands for Subaru Intelligent Drive. It is a technology that allows drivers to adjust the vehicle for different driving conditions. The SI-DRIVE maps the Engine Control Unit and the Transmission Control Unit to a computer that allows the driver to select any of the 3 driving modes below.

Intelligent Mode
Gentle power delivery. Ideal for cruising around town and local streets, covering long distances, or for driving with fuel efficiency in mind. Provides outstanding control in the rain or on muddy roads.

Sport Mode
Highly responsive and direct acceleration. In addition to being suited to all-round conditions, this mode puts the enjoyment back in to high-speed driving on motorways, or on winding roads.

Sport Sharp Mode
The mode with the most powerful engine characteristics, offering quick acceleration and sharp response. Ideal for merging or overtaking on motorways, or for enjoying sporty driving anytime, this mode unleashes the maximum potential of the vehicle.