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2012 Nissan Dualis Review

The Nissan Dualis is a compact SUV with a gentle demeanor that belies its true capabilities. It's one of the few cars that strikes a perfect balance between economy and utility in one package. It's as economical as any hatchback can be and yet as dynamic as any SUV can be. It has all the qualities that are desirable for driving in Kenya where road conditions greatly vary even within the same city. It competes with the Mitsubishi RVR, Subaru XV, Nissan Juke, Honda HR-V and Peugeot 2008.
From Ksh 1,400,000
0 KM

2012 Nissan March Review

The Nissan March is not a new kid on the block. It has been around since 1982 which is a testament to its success and longevity in a crowded marketplace. It's also known as the Nissan Micra(pronounced Mycra) in markets outside of Japan and Asia. In Kenya, it competes with the Toyota Passo, Mazda Verisa and Suzuki Swift
From Ksh 500,000
1 KM

2011 Nissan X-Trail Review

The Nissan Xtrail is a popular medium sized SUV in Kenya that comes in both 2WD and 4WD. It competes with the Subaru Forester(3rd Generation), Toyota RAV4, Mitsubishi Outlander, Honda CR-V, and the VW Tiguan.
From Ksh 1,600,000
1 KM

2012 Nissan Note Review

My initial view of the Nissan Note - and this was from a casual observer's point of view - was that, it's a mundane car with nothing really going for it. This is not a surprising view as many other people would tend to concur. But not until I stepped into this second generation Nissan Note that I was totally transposed. Beneath the passive veneer lies a serious contender to the hatchback throne.
From Ksh 800,000
1 KM

2011 Nissan Juke Review

There's a new kid on the block by the name of Nissan Juke and it's taking the Kenyan car market by storm. The Nissan Juke looks and drives like an SUV but it's really an economical hatchback at heart. We drove the Juke and can say without fear of contradiction that it's one of the best economy cars we've driven in a while. Of course it's not without its faults but when all factors are considered, it's one of the best.
From Ksh 1,000,000
1 KM

2011 Nissan Teana Review

The Nissan Teana is one of the most stylish and elegant Japanese automobiles we've driven in a while. It drives so well that for a minute, I was mistaken to think it was some exotic German estate. It actually resembles the Mercedes E-Class especially on the exterior. It competes with the Toyota Mark X, Audi A4, Mercedes C Class and BMW 3 Series.
From Ksh 950,000
0 KM

2010 Nissan Tiida Review

The Nissan Tiida is 5 door Hatchback that has been in production since 2004. The saloon version is known as the Nissan Tiida Latio and they differ only in body style. In recent years, the Nissan Tiida has come under increased scrutiny from Kenyans who are shifting preference towards economical and affordable cars. It competes with the Toyota Auris, Subaru Impreza, VW Golf, and Mazda Axela
From Ksh 850,000
1 KM

2010 Nissan X-Trail Review

The Nissan Xtrail is amongst the most popular medium sized SUVs in Kenya. This popularity is due to its affordability, good fuel economy, carrying capacity and off-road capability.
From Ksh 1,600,000
1 KM