Honda Civic Kenya: Reviews, Price, Specifications, Import

The Honda Civic is a series of compact cars that have been in production since 1972 and largely sold in Europe and North America. It’s the longest running Honda vehicle in the market today and its success is due to its strong demand. It’s not popular in the Kenyan market and it remains largely unknown to many buyers.

2020 Honda Civic

10th Generation Honda Civic

It was not sold in the Japanese market for 7 years between 2010 and 2017 which attributed to its decline in the Kenyan market. But it was reintroduced  to Japanese market in 2017 and this will now make it easier for Kenyan buyers to buy them used.

2020 Honda Civic Dashboard

10th Generation Honda Civic Interior

The 10 generation(2015 – present) comes with a choice of two engines; a 1.5-Litre L15B Turbo petrol engine and a 1.5-Litre L15C petrol engine that are linked either a CVT Transmission or a 6-Speed Manual Transmission and available only in 2WD.


  • Honda Civic First Generation (1972 – 1979)
  • Honda Civic Second Generation (1979 – 1983)
  • Honda Civic Third Generation (1983 – 1987)
  • Honda Civic Fourth Generation (1987 – 1991)
  • Honda Civic Fifth Generation (1991 – 1995)
  • Honda Civic Sixth Generation (1995 – 2000)
  • Honda Civic Seventh Generation (2000 – 2005)
  • Honda Civic Eighth Generation (2005 – 2010)
  • Honda Civic Ninth Generation (2011 – 2015)
  • Honda Civic Tenth Generation (2015 – Present)

Honda Civic Maintenance Costs In Kenya

The Honda Civic shares engine parts and suspension parts with other Hondas such as the Honda Fit and the Honda Freed, therefore parts are easily available and affordable. Body parts on the other hand are expensive and not easily available in Kenya. You can find shops that stock Honda Civic parts in this link

Honda Civic Reliability In Kenya

The Honda Civic has a good reliability record and it’s rated highly in many countries. Similar to the Honda Freed, it is susceptible to CVT transmission problems caused by the use of bad quality transmission fluids. The 1.5L turbo engine also uses premium petroleum and its sensitive to poor quality fuel which will lead to engine failure in the long run.

The commonly reported Honda Civic problems in Kenya are;

  1. CVT Transmission Failure
  2. Engine failure due to bad quality fuel
  3. Engine warning light
  4. Loss of Power

Honda Civic Alternatives you can buy in Kenya: Subaru Impreza, Mazda Axela, Toyota Auris and VW Golf

Price of the Honda Civic in Kenya and where to buy it:

Import the Honda Civic in Kenya:


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