What To Look For When Test Driving A Car

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Test driving a car is more than just taking it to the road. This is an opportunity to do a personal inspection of the car. Whether you’re buying a new or used car, it’s important to do a thorough test drive to ensure that you are fully satisfied with its condition. Due to the changing car technology, newer model cars are much different from older models. Therefore, it’s highly likely that you’ll be unfamiliar with certain functions. Here are some essential things to look for once you get that test driving appointment.


First, if the dealership or owner asks for a copy of your driver’s license, bring your own copies. After you’re done with the test drive, ask for them back and destroy them. The point is, never leave such personal information with anyone. With the rising cases of car theft, this information could be used to obtain stolen vehicles. Always ask to see the car’s documentation such as the logbook, inspection certificate and registration certificate (if locally used).


Do a proper walk around and check the car for any dents, scratches or cracks. If it’s a used car, keep an open mind about its condition. That doesn’t mean that you should accept a worn-out car either. Things like paint scratch and a few tears on the seat fabric are common depending on the use. For dealership cars, they should be nearly perfect.


Some cars might seem practical on paper but feels different in person. For most people, the first feel of a car is enough to rate its comfort levels. However, in reality, you’ll be in and out of the car multiple times in a day. Therefore, you should get in and out of the car multiple times while test driving to know exactly how it feels. If it becomes uncomfortable after a couple of times, you should consider another car.

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Make yourself acquainted with any technology that isn’t in your current car or that you’re not familiar with. Of course, you should first ask the test driver before fiddling with the car to avoid doing something that might cause potential damage. While you’re at it, make sure all the dials and adjustments are in good condition. This will reveal more information about the car that is important in making a decision about whether to buy it or not.

Fuel Consumption

Most test drivers insist on driving on an isolated road to maximize the excitement of driving the car. However, you’ll spend most of your days driving on busy highways and during rush hours once you buy the car. It’s necessary to know how the fuel consumption of the car is in such conditions. Some cars can have good fuel consumption while in motion but it’s a disaster when the car is on standstill. Check out Driving Tips That Minimize Fuel Consumption.

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