Mercedes Actros Kenya: Reviews, Price, Specifications, Import

The Mercedes Benz Actros is a popular heavy commercial truck that has been in production since 1996 to present. It’s one of the most popular long haul trucks in Kenya loved for its power, reliability, safety and comfort. The Actros has become synonymous with heavy duty trucks and its fair to say that it has totally dominated this market segment.

Mercedes Actros Kenya

Mercedes Actros

Mercedes Actros Generations

  1. First Generation (MP1) – 1996 to 2003
  2. Second Generation (MP2) – 2003 to 2008
  3. Third Generation (MP3) – 2008 to 2012
  4. Fourth Generation (New Actros) – 2011 to Present
Mercedes Actros 2020 fourth generation

Mercedes Actros Fourth Generation

Mercedes Actros Engines and Drivetrain

The Mercedes Actros truck is powered by two engine options;

    1. A 12-Litre OM 501 LA V6 diesel engine with a power output of 310 HP to 480 HP
    2. A 16-Litre OM 502 LA V8 diesel engine with a power output of 422 HP to 530 HP

These are linked to a 12-Speed PowerShift Transmission

Mercedes Actros Cabin

The Mercedes Actros comes in four cabin styles

  1. S – This is designed for light duty and short commercial work such as at constructions sites and for city delivery, it does not have sleeping quarters
  2. M – This is designed for long haul activities and it comes with sleeping quarters
  3. L – Low roof and long haul cab that provides for long distance amenities
  4. LH – This is the ultimate Actros that comes with long haul and high roof cabin that is comfortable for long distance driving providing a spacious cabin for two people.
Mercedes Actros Sleeping Quarters

Mercedes Actros Sleeping Quarters

Mercedes Actros Fridge

Mercedes Actros Maintenance Costs in Kenya

Mercedes Actros Trucks are very popular in Kenya and there’s an extensive network of shops that supply the spare parts at competitive prices. There’s also a large pool of qualified mechanics countrywide. You can get listings for Mercedes Actros spare part dealers in this link

Mercedes Actros Reliability

The Mercedes Actros has established itself has one of the most reliable truck in the Kenyan market. There are few trucks in the market with the longevity of the Actros. However as with any truck, it commonly suffers from the problems below

  1. Gearbox problems
  2. Brake Problems
  3. Injector Problems
  4. Turbo failure

Mercedes Actros Alternatives you can buy in Kenya: Iveco Trucks, VW Trucks, Nissan UD, Hino Trucks

Mercedes Actros Price in Kenya:

Import the Mercedes Actros in Kenya:

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