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Mercedes SLK

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2016 Mercedes SLK200 Price in Kenya
2015 Mercedes SLK200 Price in Kenya
2014 Mercedes SLK200 Price in Kenya
2013 Mercedes SLK200 Price in Kenya
2012 Mercedes SLK200 Price in Kenya
2011 Mercedes SLK200 Price in Kenya

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Mercedes SLK200 Review

The Mercedes SLK200 is entry level model in the SLK Class which is a 2-seater luxury convertible sports car that was in production from 1996 to 2020. It was renamed to the SLC Class in 2016 when the new Mercedes naming system was adopted. It’s known as a roadster in which loosely translates to a two seater convertible car. The SLK200 is one of the few sports 2-seater sports cars that have made an entry in Kenya which is a market that is largely dominated by 5-seater family cars. It’s ideal for people looking for a weekend getaway car that can be driven with the roof down to fully enjoy the breeze of the countryside. It competes with the Mazda RX8, Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86 and Mazda Roadster RF. Read the full Mercedes SLK Review here


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