Suzuki Landy Kenya: Reviews, Price, Specifications, Import

The Suzuki Every Landy is a van that has been in production since 1999. It is the same as the as the Nissan Serena that we have extensively reviewed and the only difference is the badge. In Kenya, it competes with the Toyota Voxy, Toyota Noah, Mazda Biante and Mitsubishi Delica D5. It’s ideal for both commercial and private applications with a cabin that is highly configurable for both. The second generation(2010 – 2016) comes with a 2.0-Litre MR20 engine that is available in normal and hybrid versions. Its linked to a CVT Transmission and available in either 2WD or 4WD.

2020 Suzuki Landy Kenya

Suzuki Landy 3rd Generation

On the inside, the Suzuki Landy is an abundantly spacious car with room to comfortably seat 8 adults and still spare enough space for their luggage. At the first row, there’s plenty of legroom for both the driver and passenger with elevated seats that provide an excellent view of the road. At the second and third rows, the legroom is legitimately good and the seats can be adjusted to fit any desired seating position. The dual electric doors that can be controlled at the touch of a button make it easy for passengers to embark and disembark.

2020 Suzuki Landy Rear

Suzuki Landy Rear

The Suzuki Landy has a smooth flowing exterior that looks pleasant and much better than most of its boxy competitors. The crystal clear flowing tail lights give it a modern look that fits well with overall design of the car. The large triangular windows provide good lighting in the cabin and an excellent view of the road.

Suzuki Landy Dashboard

Suzuki Land Dashboard

2020 Suzuki Landy Interior

Suzuki Land Interior

Suzuki Landy Generations

  • 1st Generation (2007-2010)
  • 2nd Generation (2010-2016)
  • 3rd Generation (2016-Present)

Suzuki Landy Maintenance Costs In Kenya

Service parts are affordable and widely available in Kenya. Body parts are also fairly priced but availability is varied across different towns. In Nairobi, most spare shops in Industrial Area and Kirinyaga Road stock the service parts. You can get listings for these shops here follow this link

Suzuki Landy Reliability In Kenya

The Suzuki Landy employs a 2.0L MR20DD engine that is shared with the X-Trail and Dualis/Qashqai and it’s generally a reliable engine if well maintained. The body construction for the previous models has been brought to question by owners and there have been reports of noises and rattles from loose body parts. Other common problems reported include:

  1. Lack of power
  2. Noisy engine
  3. Jerky gearbox
  4. Sliding door malfunctions

Suzuki Every Landy Alternatives you can buy in Kenya: Toyota Noah, Toyota VoxyMitsubishi Delica D:5, Honda StepWagon, and Mazda Biante.

Price of the Suzuki Every Landy in Kenya and where to buy it:

Import the Suzuki Every Landy in Kenya: 

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