Suzuki Forenza Kenya: Reviews, Price, Specifications

The Suzuki Forenza is a more stylish sedan and wagon compared to some of its siblings like the Suzuki Aerio and Baleno. It was built by Daewoo, a Korean automaker then rebadged as the Forenza for the American market. It penetrated the mainstream market and saw worldwide success since its unveiling in 2002. The Forenza is mostly targeted for value-oriented car buyers who are more interested in convenience than power. Its overall performance is below average compared to other competitors. It also has an average fuel economy despite being a budget-friendly vehicle. However, it offers some competitive features including a European-inspired design and a roomy interior. The interior feels luxurious with lots of metallic trims and comfortable legroom. It maintains Suzuki’s sporty dashboard which features an analog instrument panel. There are several storage options including front and rear cupholders, door panels, centerbox, glovebox, and…

Suzuki Aerio Kenya: Reviews, Price, Specifications

A smaller predecessor to the Suzuki SX4, the Suzuki Aerio was designed to be a worthy competitor to the Toyota Corolla but it failed to capture international attention despite its six years in the market. It came into production in 2001 combining a minivan and a hatchback design. It’s available as a sedan and a 5-door hatchback wagon. There are several things that can be linked to the Aerio’s short-lived run. Thanks to the sedan-minivan combination, the Aerio boasts of a roomy cabin and a large boot space. If you can look past the subpar design, the Suzuki Aerio is a pretty good car for a small family. Generations First Generation (2001-2007)