6 Things To Look For When Choosing A Driving School

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All driving schools are definitely not made the same. That’s why the likes of Rocky Driving School have been able to weather the storm despite the over-saturated business. When choosing a driving school, you have to be careful where you go so as to get the most out of the classes. There are some things to look out for that will guide you to choose a suitable driving school. Here are some things to consider when choosing a driving school.

  1. Cost

Of course, one of the most important things to consider is the cost. There are varying prices for driving lessons ranging from Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 20,000. Some offer more lessons hence the price differences. Additionally, some reputable schools like AA and Rocky tend to be slightly more expensive because of the quality of classes you get.

  1. Enough Instructors

Driving classes are more practical than theory. Therefore, you need a one on one experience with the instructor so as to grasp the concepts. If the driving school doesn’t have enough instructors, this is going to be tough and you might not get adequate practice to become a good driver. Additionally, without enough instructors, you might not have the option of sticking to one instructor.

  1. Reputation

Reputation plays a big role in many institutions including driving schools. This is something that should not be ignored lest you get scammed by a fake driving school. With the growing number of driving schools in the city, picking a reputable school that fits your budget can be challenging. However, there are budget-friendly schools around that offer legitimate classes.

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  1. Vehicles

Some driving schools don’t offer certain driving classes like Class B, C & E for commercial and heavy vehicles. Depending on the size of the driving school, they might not have the resources to offer such classes. Therefore, it’s good to do your research on which driving schools offer the kind of driving class you’re interested in.

  1. Location

Sometimes, the driving school in the middle of the city isn’t the best, especially if you have classes during rush hours. Most give 1-hour practical lessons where you get to drive the car and put your knowledge to use. However, if there’s too much traffic, this experience can be more difficult than it should. Also, having a driving school close to your home or workplace is an added advantage.

  1. Safety

Choose a school that is concerned about its students’ safety. The last thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere because your driving instructor left you there. There are many cases of driving instructors mistreating and harassing the students so look out for schools with such reputation. To be on the safer side, just go to a well-established driving school. It will be worth your money and your driving skills will show.

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