Toyota Kluger Price in Kenya

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Toyota Kluger Price

Toyota Kluger

Toyota Kluger  Price
2013 Toyota Kluger Price in Kenya Ksh. 3,100,000
2012 Toyota Kluger Price in Kenya Ksh. 2,900,000
2011 Toyota Kluger Price in Kenya Ksh. 2,700,000
2010 Toyota Kluger Price in Kenya Ksh. 2,880,000
2009 Toyota Kluger Price in Kenya Ksh. 1,940,000

Toyota Kluger Review

The first generation Toyota Kluger that was in production from 2000 to 2007 was more popular in the Kenyan market due to its availability in the Japanese domestic market. Its production in Japan ended in 2007 and consequently its availability in Kenya dried up. It was replaced by the equally capable Toyota Vanguard although many buyers still preferred the Kluger. It continues to be produced for other markets such as North America where it’s known as the Toyota Highlander and Australia where it’s still known as the Toyota Kluger.

The best market to import the Kluger from is Australia. If you want to import the Toyota Kluger to Kenya, write to us: [email protected] and we will import for you.

Other alternatives you can consider buying in Kenya include, the Toyota Vanguard, Toyota Harrier, Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan X-Trail and Mazda CX-5