Toyota Passo Price in Kenya

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Toyota Passo Price

Toyota Passo

Toyota Passo  Price
2013 Toyota Passo Price in Kenya Ksh. 650,000
2012 Toyota Passo Price in Kenya Ksh. 580,000
2011 Toyota Passo Price in Kenya Ksh. 520,000
2010 Toyota Passo Price in Kenya Ksh. 450,000
2009 Toyota Passo Price in Kenya Ksh. 400,000

Toyota Passo Review

The Toyota Passo is an interesting car to review. On one hand there’s the 5 seater version and on the other there’s the 7 seater version known as the Passo Sette. These are two distinct cars that cannot be reviewed in a single article. We therefore elected to review them separately but the question that still lingers is why Toyota would give them the same name. There has to be some logic, maybe a shortage of names? We honestly don’t know and will not dwell on it but only to emphasize to buyers that these two cars are not related. Read More

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