10 Best Pickups To Buy In Kenya

1. Toyota Hilux
The Toyota Hilux is a time tested workhorse that has been the mainstay of light commercial transport in Kenya for many years. It’s longevity is unquestionable and it’s commonplace to find older versions still kicking on the roads even after years of abuse and thousands of miles. The newer versions have been criticized for not being as hardy as their predecessors and their reliability has been put to question. Read detailed Toyota Hilux Review here

Toyota Hilux Kenya

Toyota Hilux

2. Isuzu D-Max
If you are a businessman looking for a light transport vehicle, then the Isuzu D-Max makes for a compelling buy. It’s a reliable workhorse that can clock high miles without skipping a beat. If you’re a family person with occasional need for light transport, then the D-Max has you covered. The range topping LS model is an excellent family car with capacity for light cargo. Read the detailed Isuzu D-Max Review here

Isuzu D-Max

3. Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup
The Land Cruiser is known for being rugged, durable, reliable and utilitarian. Leading the pack is the Land Cruiser J70 series that is offered in pickup and hardtop configurations. So durable are these cars that it’s rumored they will survive a nuclear extinction besides cockroaches. Buy Toyota Land Cruiser here

Land Cruiser HZJ Pickup

Land Cruiser Pickup

4. Ford Ranger
The Ford Ranger is steadily carving a niche in the ultra competitive light commercial transport sector in Kenya. Historically, it was not widely adopted by private entities and was mainly used by the government but the tide is turning as they become more available in the second-hand markets. These markets are mainly the UK and South Africa and further afield in Thailand and Australia. Read the detailed Ford Ranger Review here

Ford Ranger

5. Nissan Hardbody
The Nissan Hardbody is a longstanding pickup that has cut its teeth in some of the world’s demanding terrains such as the Kenyan countryside and the Australian Outback. The Current NP300 is a versatile pickup that is configurable for various light commercial transport applications. Buy Nissan Hardbody here

Nissan Hardbody NP300 Kenya

Nissan Hardbody

6. Mazda BT-50
The Mazda BT-50 is built on the Ford Ranger Platform and dimensions are more or less the same. It is not popular in the Kenyan market but demand is growing. Buy Mazda BT-50 here

Mazda BT50 Kenya

Maza BT-50

7. Mitsubishi L200
The Mitsubishi L200 is a versatile pickup that is popular in many markets across the world. It has a long history in Kenya and many people love it for its affordability and ease of maintenance. Buy Mitsubishi L200 here

Mitsubishi L200 Kenya

Mitsubishi L200

8. VW Amarok
The VW Amarok is a late entrant into the lucrative light commercial transport and its hoping to wrest the market from established brands such as Toyota and Isuzu. It is marketed as a luxury pickup which appeals to people that want a balance between work and play. Buy VW Amarok here

VW Amarok Kenya

VW Amarok

9. Nissan Navara
The Nissan Navara is a double cab, full time 4×4 pickup that has been in the market for quite sometime. Its adoption in Kenya has been lukewarm due to the market being heavily tilted towards Toyota and Isuzu. Its also no favorable for heavy duty tasks due to the limited size of the cargo tray. Buy Nissan Navara here

Nissan Navara Kenya

Nissan Navara

10. Mercedes Benz X-Class
The Mercedes Benz X-Class is a luxury 5-Seater pickup that is built on the same platform as the Nissan Navara. Much as they share a platform they are divergent in many ways and the X-Class is by leaps and bounds an advanced car. Then Kenyan market is warming up to luxury pickups and many are drawn to the promise of work and play in a single package. Read more details on the Mercedes Benz X-Class here

Mercedes Benz X-Class

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