Honda CR-Z Kenya: Reviews, Price, Specifications, Import

The Honda CR-Z is a 4-seater sports hybrid that was in production from 2010 to 2017. It’s a coupe style, 3-door hatchback that was built to appeal to a young and mobile clientele. It’s not a popular car in Kenya due to its limitations in carrying capacity that makes it unappealing to family people and businessmen alike.

2017 Honda CRZ Kenya

Honda CRZ

The Honda CR-Z lasted for a single generation and was discontinued in 2017. It shares many components with the Honda Insight and it’s referred to as a Honda Green Machine due to its low carbon footprint.

2017 Honda CRZ Rear

Honda CRZ Rear

On the Inside, the CR-Z is modern with a well laid out dashboard that comes with crystal LCD displays and dials that are easily accessible to the driver. The rear seats are lightly padded which makes them uncomfortable for long distance travel. The legroom is decent at the first row but tight at the second row.

2017 Honda CRZ dash

Honda CRZ Interior

The Honda CRZ comes with a 1.5-Litre engine that is coupled to an MF6 electric motorĀ  linked to either a CVT transmission or a 6-Speed manual transmission.

Honda CR-Z Maintenance Costs In Kenya

The Honda CR-Z shares engines with the Honda Insight and therefore parts are easily available and affordable. Body parts on the other hand are expensive and not easily available in Kenya. You can find shops that stock Honda CRZ parts in this link

Honda CRZ Reliability In Kenya

Hybrid cars do not generally age well and its advisable to buy them either brand new or at low mileage. The same applies to the Honda CR-Z, the best advice is to buy it a very low mileage. Avoid high mileage hybrids by all costs.

The commonly reported Honda CRZ problems in Kenya are;

  1. Transmission Problems
  2. Hybrid battery problems
  3. Check engine

Honda CR-Z Alternatives you can buy in Kenya: Toyota Aqua, Nissan Note

Price of the Honda CR-Z in Kenya and where to buy it:

Import the Honda CR-Z in Kenya:

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