Honda N-WGN Kenya: Reviews, Price, Specifications, Import

The Honda N-WGN is a small 4-seater minicar that has been in production for two generations starting from 2013 to present. It’s closely related to the Honda N-BOX and they share many similarities except that the N-BOX has a taller body and uses sliding doors. They were purposely developed to fill the gap in the mini car market that is growing steadily due to the ever escalating fuel prices.

2020 Honda N-WGN

Honda N-WGN 2nd Generation

On the outside the Honda N-WGN is simple and boxy with a minimalistic approach that many people find appealing. Its a small car with minimal flair and it is an ideal car for short urban commutes.

Honda N-WGN Exterior

Honda N-WGN Exterior

On the inside, the Honda N-WGN is similar to the N-BOX and it is simple and functional with a neatly laid out dashboard with controls that are easily accessible to the driver. The legroom is great on both floors thanks to the flat floor.

Honda N-WGN Dashboard

Honda N-WGN Dashboard

Honda N-WGN interior space

Honda N-WGN Interior Space

Honda N-WGN Generations

  • First Generation (2013-2019)

  • Second Generation (2019-Present)

Honda N-WGN Maintenance Costs In Kenya

The Honda N-WGN is an economical car that is cheap to run and easy to maintain. It comes with a 658cc engine that is simple and straightforward in design which translates to minimal parts to change. Services parts are affordable and easily available in Kenya.

Honda N-WGN Reliability In Kenya

The Honda N-WGN is a reliable car with minimal issue and most problems stem from poor maintenance.

The commonly reported Honda N-WGN problems in Kenya are;

  1. Engine Stalling
  2. Smoking
  3. Suspension noise

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Price of the Honda N-WGN in Kenya and where to buy it:

Import the Honda N-WGN in Kenya: 

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