Mazda Familia Kenya: Reviews, Price, Specifications, Import

The Mazda Familia is a long running car that has been in production for many years starting from 1963 to present. Initially it was produced in-house by Mazda but from 1994, it has been based on other car models from Nissan and Toyota. From 1994 to 2018, it was based on the Nissan Advan and from 2018 to present, it’s based on the Toyota Probox. The Mazda Familia is not a popular car in the Kenyan and most buyers prefer either the Wingroad or the Probox.

Mazda Familia in Kenya

Mazda Familia 9th Generation

On the inside, the 9th generation Familia (2009 – 2018) is exactly the same as the Nissan Advan/Wingroad. It comes with a basic but functional interior with a well laid out dashboard that comes with a Radio/CD player and manual air conditioning.

Mazda Familia Dashboard

Mazda Familia Dashboard

The exterior is also the same as the Nissan Advan/Wingroad and it’s a station wagon that comes with basic features such as steel rims and halogen headlamps with no fog lights.

Mazda Familia Rear

Mazda Familia Rear

Mazda Familia Maintenance Costs In Kenya
The 9th generation Mazda Familia is the same as the Nissan Advan/Wingroad and therefore service parts and body parts are widely available and well priced in Kenya.

Mazda Familia Reliability In Kenya
The Mazda Familia is a fairly simple car with no major mechanical problems. Some of the commonly reported issues include;

  1. Body Noise
  2. Loss of power
  3. Slow acceleration
  4. Gearbox problems

Mazda Familia Alternatives you can buy in Kenya: Nissan Wingroad, Toyota FielderToyota ProboxToyota Succeed.

Price of the Mazda Familia in Kenya and where to buy it:

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