Mercedes Sprinter Kenya: Reviews, Price, Specifications, Import

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is a large van that has been in production from 1995 to present. It’s a highly configurable van making it applicable for activities such as carrying cargo, passengers, camping, outdoor broadcasting and many more. It’s steadily gaining popularity in Kenya and this trend is projected to grow into the future as the need for efficient and adaptable commercial vehicles continues to grow.  It comes in Standard and High Roof body configurations as well as a 4×4 variant known as the Sprinter 4X4.  It competes with the Ford Transit, VW Transporter, Nissan Caravan and Toyota Hiace.

Mercedes Sprinter Kenya

Third Generation Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter Generations

  1. First Generation Mercedes Sprinter – 1995 to 2006
  2. Second Generation Mercedes Sprinter – 2006 to 2018
  3. Third Generations Mercedes Sprinter – 2018 to Present

Mercedes Sprinter Engine and Transmission Options

The second generation Sprinter(2006 – 2018) comes with the following engine options;

  1. A 1.8-Litre supercharged petrol engine
  2. A 2.2-Litre turbo diesel engine
  3. A 3.0-Litre V6 turbo diesel engine

This are linked to a choice of 3 transmission options, these are; a 6-Speed manual transmission, a 5-Speed automatic transmission and a 7-Speed automatic transmission.

Mercedes Sprinter Interior 

The Mercedes Sprinter comes with a modern and comfortable cabin that is a step ahead of some of its Japanese competitors. The dashboard is neatly laid out with a raft of LCD displays and a touchscreen infotainment system.

Mercedes Sprinter Dashboard

Mercedes Sprinter Dash

The cabin is well insulated from road noise making the Sprinter one of the quietest vans in the market. The passenger options are spacious and comfortable with large windows that give it an airy feeling which is ideal for executive transport.

Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Cabin

Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Version

Mercedes Sprinter Exterior

The Sprinter is a high car with a large body that is bigger than most Japanese vans in the market such as the Caravan and the Hiace. It’s more comparable in size to the Ford Transit and the VW Transporter. Due to its large size, it can be difficult to drive in tight urban spaces and underground parking bays.

Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter Maintenance Costs in Kenya

Mercedes Sprinter parts are available in Kenya but they are somewhat expensive depending on the engine choice. Body parts are also expensive and sometimes not easy to find. You can get listings for Mercedes Benz spare part dealers in this link

Mercedes Sprinter Reliability

The Sprinter is good when new but tends to develop problems with age. Maintenance plays a huge role in this as some owners are known to skip it due to its heavy price. If you’re buying a used one, ensure that it’s properly inspected by a qualified technician.

Mercedes Sprinter Alternatives you can buy in Kenya: Ford Transit, VW Transporter, Nissan Caravan and Toyota Hiace.

Mercedes Sprinter Price in Kenya:

Import the Mercedes Sprinter in Kenya:


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