2012 Toyota Mark X Review

The Toyota Mark X is the hallmark of luxury and elegance in the Japanese saloon car market. It is an ultra-luxurious 4 door saloon manufactured and sold in Japan since 2004. In the Kenyan market, it is a worthy competitor to German luxury brands such as Mercedes Benz and BMW. Of course we cant forget to mention the premium grade Toyota Lexus LS which is in a class of its own. However, most of the Mark X's body styling, chassis and interior is borrowed from the Lexus GS

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Detailed Review

The Mark X is graded above the Toyota Camry and below the Toyota Crown. There is a station wagon by the name Toyota Mark X Zio which is not related to the Mark X and should not be confused as such.

The first generation Mark X known as the X120 and was in production from 2004 to 2009. The second generation known as the X130 and has been in production from 2009 to present. The 2010 Mark X comes equipped with 2 engine options, the 2.5L 4GR V6 engine and the 3.5L 2GR V6 engine, all mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

2012 Toyota Mark X Grades

  1. Toyota Mark X 250G – This is the standard package and comes with the 2.5L 4GR engine, 2WD, 16″ Steel rims with plastic covers, CD/DVD Player, key start, no fog lights, No steering controls
  2. Toyota Mark X 250GS – This is the sports version that comes with the 2.5L 4GR engine, 2WD, 17″ alloy rims, fog lights, Infotainment screen with Navigation, keyless, sharper throttle response, and chrome pedals, steering controls.
  3. Mark X 250G Four – This is the 4WD version that comes with the 2.5L 4GR engine, 17″ alloy rims, fog lights, and infotainment screen, key start, No steering controls.
  4. Toyota Mark X 350S – This is the sports version that comes with the 3.5L 2GR engine, 2WD, 18″ alloy rims, infotainment screen with navigation, keyless, sharper throttle response, chrome pedals, steering controls
  5. Toyota Mark X Premium – This is premium grade that comes with the 3.5L 2GR engine, 2WD, 18″ alloy rims, fog lights, infotainment screen with navigation, keyless, beige interior, wood trim on dashboard, steering controls

Legroom & Space
The Toyota Mark X borrows heavily from the Toyota Lexus GS and as such, it has a touch of class and elegance that is not common with other Japanese saloons. It is a wide car which affords it excellent interior space and legroom. The dashboard is neatly arranged with all the dials and buttons easily accessible to the driver. At the first row, the legroom is excellent for both driver and passenger. At the second row, the outermost seats have good legroom but the middle seat is awful. This is because the Mark X is a rear drive car and the transmission tunnel intrudes into this space.

Cabin Storage
The 2012 Toyota Mark X has sufficient cabin storage compartments. These are useful for storing items such as smartphones, beverages, goggles, handbags etc. For the 1st row, there 4 cup/bottle holders, door panel storage , a storage shelf below the dashboard, a glovebox and the center-box. For the second row, the storage is on the front seat jacket pockets and door side pockets.

2012 Toyota Mark X Boot Space
The Mark X is a saloon, therefore the boot space is only meant for light luggage. It can carry maybe 2 large suitcases and some space for groceries, nothing more. If extra space is required, the rear seats can fold down to create additional space.

Other Extras: Infotainment System, Navigation(Optional), Keyless Entry, 7 Airbags,

The 2012 Toyota Mark X is a wide saloon car with a slanting exterior and double exhausts. The current generation has got a sharper styled front and a trimmed rear but otherwise everything else remains the same. Some people have complained of the redesigned rear that makes the car look smaller than the previous generation. The standard Mark X comes with steel rims with plastic covers while the higher spec versions come with alloy rims.

2012 Toyota Mark X Fuel Consumption
2012 Toyota Mark X 2.5L Fuel Consumption: 12.9 km/L (On Average)
2012 Toyota Mark X 3.5L Fuel Consumption: 10.2 km/L (On Average)

2012 Toyota Mark X Acceleration
2012 Toyota Mark X 2.5L accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 8.4 sec.
2012 Toyota Mark X 3.5L accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 6.5 sec.

2012 Toyota Mark X Fuel Tank Capacity: 71 Litres

2012 Toyota Mark X Ground Clearance
The 2012 Toyota Mark X has a ground clearance of 6.1 Inches(155mm). This is a very low car by Kenyan standards and will not clear some speed bumps. It might be necessary to modify the ground clearance to adjust the car to Kenyan roads. Read our guidelines here on how to safely increase a vehicle’s ground clearance.

2012 Toyota Mark X Stability and Handling
The Toyota Mark X is a very powerful car, the 250G blasts from 0-100km/h in 7.9 sec. That power combined with its mass(1550Kg), requires good stops, but unfortunately this is an area the Mark X 250G falls short. During hard braking, the car feels strained under its weight and takes time to stop. Under normal driving, this should not be a problem, but any enthusiastic driving or racing exposes the car to this weakness. The Mark X 350S and the Premium do not seem to suffer from this problem.
Stability wise, the Mark X is a wide car with a low center of gravity and therefore stable on the road.

2012 Toyota Mark X Service Intervals
Minor Service – At 5,000 km. Requires Air Cleaner, Oil Filter, and Engine Oil
Major Service – At 10,000km. Requires Air Cleaner, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, ATF Filter, Cabin Filter, Plugs, Front Brake Pads, Rear Brake Pads, ATF Oil, and Engine Oil

Spare Parts Availability, Cost & Where to buy
Service and suspension parts for the 2012 Toyota Mark X are widely available in Kenya. These parts are shared across many Toyotas and therefore are affordable and easy to find. Body parts are still expensive as the car is still new in the market but will come down with time. In Nairobi, most spare shops in Industrial Area and Kirinyaga Road stock these parts. You can get listings for these shops in this link

2012 Toyota Mark X Reliability
The driving conditions in Kenya are significantly different from those in Japan and Europe. Reliability reviews done for those markets largely do not apply to the Kenyan market. There are differences in roads, fuel, climate, spares, and technical expertise. To give you accurate and reliable local insights, we interview experts such as mechanics and car dealers, who have in-depth knowledge of the Kenyan market. We also test the cars ourselves. Our aim is to give you the right information to enable you make an informed decision when buying a car.

The 2012 Toyota Mark X is a reliable car with no major long term problems. The engines are virtually the same as in the previous models and we therefore don’t expect any new problems to crop up. The mechanics we interviewed for this review all praised the Mark X’s reliability. The V6 is a big engine that requires extra care, genuine parts and punctual service.

Always follow the recommended guidelines as per the Owner’s manual. To download the 2012 Toyota Mark X Owner’s Manual click here

Resale Value: Good

Toyota Mark X Competitors: Mercedes Benz C200, BMW 320i, Toyota Lexus GS, Nissan Fuga 250GT

Cost of Ownership
Purchase Price: Between Ksh.1,600,000 and Ksh.1,750,000
Comprehensive Insurance: Average Ksh. 64,000/ per annum- Or
3rd Party Insurance: Ksh. 7,000/- per annum
Change of Tyres(If neccessary) Ksh. 40,000/- for 4 Tyres
NB: figures as at March 2019

What we like about the 2012 Toyota Mark X
1. Spacious Interior
2. Powerful acceleration
3. Good fuel consumption

What we don’t
1. The brakes can be better
2. Some cabin noise at speed

The 2012 Toyota Mark X is an exciting car to drive. The spacious and luxurious interior give it a touch of class only seen in German cars. The car accelerates so quickly that most people mistake it for a sports car. There are nagging issues around brakes and ground clearance but these are minor issues. Overall, the car scores highly in reliability, fuel economy and comfort.

Where to Buy the 2012 Toyota Mark X in Kenya
If you are looking to either import or buy the Toyota Mark X locally, we can help you with this process. Over the years, we have developed a network of trusted dealers both in Kenya and Japan who supply us with exceptional cars. Simply call us or send us a message through our contacts below and we’ll get you the right car at the right price.

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