10 Best Saloons/Sedans To Buy In Kenya

1. Toyota Crown
The Toyota Crown keeps getting better and better with each iteration and there’s no question it’s one of the best Japanese luxury cars. The 14th generation that was launched in late 2012 is near impeccable and it pushed things a notch higher with a futuristic exterior design and a flawless interior that rivals the world’s best.  Read the detailed Toyota Crown Review here

Toyota Crown

Toyota Crown

2. Mercedes Benz C-Class
In the field of automotive engineering, Mercedes Benz has been dominant in many aspects such as design, comfort, performance, safety and technology. Most innovations we see in cars today trace their roots to Mercedes Benz. The C-Class is particularly quintessential because it combines affordability and luxury in one package which appeals to the global masses. Read detailed Mercedes Benz C-Class Review here


Mercedes Benz C-Class

3. BMW 3 Series
The BMW 3 Series is a global icon that has been a best-selling premium car for decades serving as a benchmark in design, comfort and performance. The sixth generation 3 Series known as the F30 entered production in 2011 and has proven to be a hit thanks to its refreshed design and upgraded performance. Read detailed BMW 3 Series Review here

BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series

4. Audi A4
The Audi A4 is a well engineered car that competes with the best of the best. It’s rapidly gaining popularity in Kenya and is among the best selling European cars.

Audi A4

Audi A4

5. Subaru Legacy B4
The Subaru Legacy is a Japanese automobile that features a symmetrical all-wheel-drive system as standard across all grades. Read Detailed Subaru Legacy Review here

Subaru Legacy B4

Subaru Legacy B4

6. VW Passat
The VW Passat is popular in Europe especially in the UK where it ranks among the most popular family cars. In Kenya, its mildly popular having been overshadowed by the cheaper Japanese alternatives. Read detailed VW Passat Review here

VW Passat

7. Toyota Mark X
The Toyota Mark X was developed to attract a younger generation of buyers and it has become quite popular in Kenya for a number of reasons. First, it’s a worthy competitor to the more expensive German cars and secondly, it has a good quality build borrowing its body styling, chassis and interior from the Lexus GS. Additionally. it offers great performance, comfort and reliability. Read detailed Toyota Mark X Review here

Toyota Mark X

8. Toyota Premio
The Toyota Premio is an all-time favorite amongst Kenyans who love it for its style, comfort and low maintenance costs. It is comparable in size to the Audi A4, Subaru Legacy Saloon, Mercedes C180, and the BMW 318i. The Toyota Premio is arguably the cheapest among these but it maintains a decent level of class and top notch reliability. Read detailed Toyota Premio Review here

Toyota Premio

9. Toyota Allion
The Toyota Allion replaced the Toyota Carina to the disappointment of many fans who loved the Carina’s sporty appeal. Over time, the Allion’s elegant design and practicality has slowly won them over. It also has an upper hand in the Kenyan market compared to its competitors thanks to its low maintenance costs and availability of spare parts. Read detailed Toyota Allion Review here

Toyota Allion

10. Toyota Axio
With the ever rising fuel costs, the Toyota Axio is one of the most appropriate mid-sized saloons to own. It’s got an economical 1.5L engine and a spacious interior that can comfortably seat five adults. It’s also cheap to maintain and has minimal reliability issues. Read detailed Toyota Axio Review here

Toyota Axio

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