Mazda Bongo Kenya: Reviews, Price, Specifications, Import

The Mazda Bongo is a small commercial van that has been in production since 1966 and it was one of the first popular small commercial cars for many years. It’s sold both as a van and a truck with the latter being less popular in Kenya. The van has connected well with small businesses and it is valued for being economical and reliable. It competes with the Toyota TownAce, Toyota LiteAce, Nissan Vanette, Nissan NV200 and Suzuki Carry

Mazda Bongo in Kenya

Mazda Bongo 4th Generation

On the inside, the Mazda Bongo is frugal and it keeps everything simple and basic which suits its commercial placement. The cabin is decent and is practical for its intended use. It comes with a radio/cd player, Air conditioning, USB and cupholders. The legroom is good and tall people will find it comfortable.

The 5th generation Mazda Bongo is the same as the Toyota TownAce. It was supplied to Mazda under an OEM agreement so in essence, buying the third generation Mazda Bongo is the same as buying the Toyota TownAce. The 4th generation is bigger with a the ability to carry more luggage and passengers.

2014 Mazda Bongo rear

Mazda Bongo 4th Generation

Mazda Bongo Generations

  • First generation (1966 -1 975)
  • Second generation (1977 – 1983)
  • Third generation (1983 – 1999)
  • Fourth generation (1999 – 2020)
  • Fifth generation (2020 – Present)

Mazda Bongo Maintenance Costs In Kenya

The Mazda Bongo is cheap to run and it requires a minimal budget to keep on the road. The 5th generation is the same as the Toyota TownAce and consequently, its spare parts will be easily available in Kenya.

Mazda Bongo Reliability In Kenya

The Mazda Bongo is a reliable workhouse that can run for many years without major problems. However, as with any car, it requires regular maintenance with genuine spare parts. Below are some of the reported problems with the Mazda Bongo

  1. Suspension Noise
  2. Slow acceleration
  3. Engine stalling and uneven idling

Mazda Bongo Alternatives you can buy in Kenya: Toyota TownAce, Toyota LiteAce, Nissan Vanette, Nissan NV200 and Suzuki Carry

Mazda Bongo Price in Kenya:

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