Nissan Pino for Sale in Kenya

  1. 2010 Nissan Pino for Sale in Kenya
  2. 2009 Nissan Pino for Sale in Kenya
  3. 2008 Nissan Pino for Sale in Kenya
  4. 2007 Nissan Pino for Sale in Kenya

Above is a collection of the best Nissan Pino cars for sale in Kenya by dealers and individual sellers we’ve put together. All cars are genuine and the sellers are vetted. For more information on the features of the Nissan Pino, see the Review below.

Nissan Pino Kenya

Nissan Pino

Read the Nissan Pino Review 

The Nissan Pino is a 4 seater mini hatchback that was in production from 2007 to 2010. It’s based on the Suzuki Alto and it was supplied to Nissan and rebadged as the Pino. It’s also the same as the Mazda Carol and was supplied to Mazda and rebadged in the same way as the Pino. It comes with a 0.66L K6A engine and available in both Manual and Automatic Transmission.

Alternatives you can buy in Kenya include; Nissan MarchSuzuki Alto  Mitsubishi Mirage


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