2015 Toyota Mark X Review

The Toyota Mark X is one of the most sought-after saloon cars in the Kenyan market due to its good looks, great reliability and strong engine performance.  It competes with the BMW 5 Series, Subaru Legacy, Mercedes Benz C200, BMW 320i and Nissan Fuga.

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Detailed Review

The Mark X was introduced into the market in 2004 and was in production for two generations before being discontinued in 2019.

The first generation known as the X120 was produced between 2004 and the end of 2008. The second generation known as the X130 was produced between 2009 and 2019.

The 2015 Mark X comes with two engine options: a 2,500cc six-cylinder petrol engine, generating 212 horsepower, and a 3,500cc six-cylinder petrol engine, which produces 314 horsepower.

2015 Toyota Mark X Grades

  1. Toyota Mark X 250G – This is the standard package and comes with the 2.5L 4GR engine, 2WD, 16″ Steel rims with plastic covers, CD/DVD Player, key start, no fog lights, No steering controls
  2. Toyota Mark X 250GS – This is the sports version that comes with the 2.5L 4GR engine, 2WD, 17″ alloy rims, fog lights, Infotainment screen with Navigation, keyless, sharper throttle response, and chrome pedals, steering controls.
  3. Mark X 250G Four – This is the 4WD version that comes with the 2.5L 4GR engine, 17″ alloy rims, fog lights, an infotainment screen, key start, and No steering controls.
  4. Toyota Mark X 350S – This is the sports version that comes with the 3.5L 2GR engine, 2WD, 18″ alloy rims, infotainment screen with navigation, keyless, sharper throttle response, chrome pedals, steering controls
  5. Toyota Mark X Premium – This is the premium grade that comes with the 3.5L 2GR engine, 2WD, 18″ alloy rims, fog lights, infotainment screen with navigation, keyless, beige interior, wood trim on the dashboard, steering controls

Interior Legroom & Space

The overall cabin quality and standard amenities are equivalent to those of the Toyota Camry, but everything is nicely assembled and user-friendly.

The front seats are manually adjustable; there are no extra controls on the steering wheel. The driver’s seat appears to be high, yet it is comfortable and affords an excellent forward vision through the windscreen. The backseat provides considerable height and legroom, as well as a bit of foot space behind the front seats.

Cabin Storage

For the 1st row, there are 4 cup/bottle holders, door panel storage, a storage shelf below the dashboard, a glovebox and the center box. For the second row, the storage is on the front seat jacket pockets and door side pockets.

Boot Space

The 2015 Mark X has a small boot space that can only carry light luggage. The space can however be added when the rear seats are folded.


Mark X’s exterior styling is adopted from Toyota Crown and the Mark II. The 2015 Mark X appears to be smaller than the previous models.  The standard model has steel rims with plastic covers, whereas the higher models include alloy rims and fog lights.

Ground Clearance

The 2015 Mark X has a ground clearance of 6.1 inches. This is a very low car by Kenyan standards and will not clear some speed bumps. It might be necessary to modify the ground clearance to adjust the car to Kenyan roads.

Fuel Consumption 

The 2.5 litre engine has an average fuel consumption of 11 .5 kilometers per litre.

Fuel Tank Capacity 

71 liters


The 2.5 Litre engine accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 7.9 seconds.

The 3.5 liter engine accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.9 seconds.


The Mark X has a solid reputation in the car industry for its body quality and dependability. The engines utilize timing chains that do not require replacement on a regular basis.

Failure of the engine’s oxygen sensors is the sole typical problem. These assist the engine to determine how much fuel and air are being burned, allowing it to self-adjust for optimal performance and emissions.


The 2015 Toyota Mark X is a thrilling machine to drive. Its roomy and opulent interior gives it a touch of elegance only found in German automobiles. The car accelerates so quickly that most people mistake it for a sports car. There are nagging issues around brakes and ground clearance but these are minor issues. Overall, the car scores highly in reliability, fuel economy and comfort.

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