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2013 Toyota Axio Review

The Toyota Axio is one of the most fuel efficient saloons to buy in Kenya and with the introduction of the new hybrid model in 2013, it's now super efficient. Much as the hybrid technology is making inroads in this market, early signs indicate a slow adoption and it will take time before people fully embrace it. The good news is that the non hybrid models are still available and nothing significant has changed with them.
From Ksh 950.000
1 KM

2012 Toyota Axio Review

With the ever rising fuel costs, the Toyota Axio is one of the most appropriate mid-sized saloons to own. It's got an economical 1.5L engine and a spacious interior that can comfortably seat five adults. It's also cheap to maintain and has minimal reliability issues.
From Ksh 850.000
0 KM

2010 Toyota Axio Review

The Toyota Axio is a 5 seater saloon that was introduced to the Japanese market in 2007. It is the saloon version of the popular Toyota Fielder and is marketed as a small sized family car. It is a good alternative for people who prefer saloons and do not mind to sacrifice on boot space that comes with station wagons
From Ksh 750.000

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