10 Best cars for first timer buyers in Kenya

1. Toyota Passo
When it comes to the choice of sub-compacts in the Kenyan market, the Toyota Passo is the most suitable. Its affordable, efficient, reliable and cheap to maintain. If you are a first time buyer on a tight budget, then the Toyota Passo should be on top of your shopping list. Read the full Toyota Passo Review here

Toyota Passo

2. Mazda Demio
The Mazda Demio’s has gained popularity in Kenya in a fairly short amount of time thanks to its reliability and affordability. It’s ideal for first time buyers due to its ability to withstand abuse and is as reliable as a rock. Read the full Mazda Demio Review here

Mazda Demio

3. Toyota Vitz
The Toyota Vitz is one of the most popular cars in Kenya and with good reason. It’s the true embodiment of the modern economy hatchback and it packs a punch in terms affordability, efficiency and utility in one package. It’s a time tested car and first time buyers will find comfort to know it holds it’s value well over time. Read the full Toyota Vitz Review here

Toyota Vitz

4. Honda Fit
The Honda Fit is a 5 seater hatchback that has been in production since 2001. Its popularity in Kenya has been gaining steadily as more and more people are appreciating the quality and reliability of Hondas. It’s one of the most fuel efficient compact hatchbacks in the market thanks to the hybrid option and its ideal for first time buyers who want to save money on fuel. Read the Full Honda Fit Review here

2013 Honda Fit

Honda Fit

5. Nissan Note
The Nissan Note has been undergoing steady improvements over the years and it’s now one of most decent hatchbacks you can buy in Kenya. It’s also one of the most spacious in its category and it is also very fuel efficient. Read the full Nissan Note Review here

Nissan Note

6. VW Polo
The VW Polo is ideal for first time buyers that value safety and comfort. Its one of the safest compact hatchbacks you can buy in Kenya and its comfort is exceptional. It’s a small car but yet loaded with so many features and technologies that first time buyers will love.

VW Polo

VW Polo

7. Mazda Axela
The Mazda Axela is ranked among the best of hatchbacks in the world with good reason. It offers a wide range of features that appeal to many buyers, be they fuel conscious urban dwellers or power hungry speed junkies. The build quality is also excellent with a spacious, well furnished interior and a sporty exterior. Read the full Mazda Axela Review here

2013 Mazda Axela

Mazda Axela

8. Toyota Auris
The Toyota Auris has everything going for it. From the well crafted exterior to a fairly spacious interior, everything feels just right. It borrows bits and pieces from the diverse Toyota range and blends them into this dignified hatchback. Read the full Toyota Auris Review here

2013 Toyota Auris

Toyota Auris

9. Subaru Impreza
With the introduction of new engines, a lightweight body and improved aerodynamics in 2013, the Subaru Impreza gained more power and better fuel economy which put it in a position to seriously compete with its rivals such as the Mazda Axela and Toyota Auris. It’s ideal for fast time buyers that want to drive a hatchback that feels like a sports car. Read the full Subaru Impreza Review here

2013 Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza

10. Mitsubishi RVR
For first time buyers that fancy an SUV, the Mitsubishi RVR offers all the desirable features of a 4×4 while retaining affordability and ease of use which makes it an ideal car. Read the full Mitsubishi RVR Review here

2017 Mitsubishi RVR

Mitsubishi RVR

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