Top 10 Best Cars To Buy In Kenya

There are so many questions that come to mind when choosing the best cars to buy in Kenya. You must consider certain factors like price, model, age, fuel economy and reliability so as to get the right car that suits your needs. Apart from that, you have a wide selection of cars to choose which can be confusing without any guidance. We have compiled a list of the best cars to buy in Kenya based on popularity, purchase price, utility, efficiency, maintenance, reliability and resale value.

  1. Toyota Fielder

Toyota Fielder is probably the most popular car on Kenyan roads both in the urban and rural dwellings. It’s a versatile automobile that serves commercial and private purposes. Additionally, Toyota Fielder is highly reliable and with proper care, it can go for years without any serious issues. Being a 7-seater station wagon, it has ample seating capacity for large families and can comfortably carry bulky luggage. The Toyota Fielder caters to the Kenyan market efficiently making it a highly sought-after car. Here’s a more detailed review.

2012 Toyota Fielder

Toyota Fielder

  1. Mazda Demio

The Mazda Demio gained overnight popularity becoming one of the best cars to buy in Kenya. There’s a lot to love about the Demio that has given it an edge over its competitors like the Toyota Vitz and Volkswagen Polo. First, it’s a better-looking option and has a bigger cabin. Unlike the Vitz, the Mazda Demio appeals to both female and male clientele. It also offers a surprisingly powerful performance so you’ll be able to keep up with other cars on the road. Here’s a more detailed review.

Demio Kenya

Mazda Demio

  1. Toyota Noah

If you’re looking for a stylish, affordable and reliable 7-seater car, the Toyota Noah is exactly what you need. It has proven its capabilities as a multi-purpose vehicle since its introduction to the market. It is now a common sight in the commercial transport sector thanks to its comfortable seating capacity, good fuel economy and affordable maintenance costs. Though it’s mainly used for commercial purposes, the Noah can be a great car for large families. Here’s a detailed review.

Toyota Noah

  1. Toyota Axio

The Toyota Axio isn’t your typical mid-sized sedan. It’s one of the best cars to buy in Kenya thanks to its excellent fuel economy, affordable maintenance costs and stylish design. it’s described as the saloon version of the Toyota Fielder ad marketed as a family car. Unlike its competitors like the Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Axio has readily available and affordable parts. It has an impressive performance and a minimalistic interior design giving it a luxurious feel. Here’s a detailed review.

Toyota Axio

  1. Toyota Prado

The Toyota Prado is the most popular high-end SUV and one of the best cars to buy in Kenya. It oozes elegance without compromising its off-road capabilities. The Toyota Prado absorbs bumps and potholes that are common on Kenyan roads effortlessly. Additionally, it’s equipped with luxurious features like leather seats, moon roof and infotainment system for maximum comfort and pleasant driving experience. It’s also a great family car as it has a large seating and carrying capacity.

Toyota Prado

  1. Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester has steadily evolved to a proper crossover SUV earning it an admirable audience. Unlike the previous models, this new generation has a curvier design that appeals to both female and male clientele. However, it doesn’t compromise on its Subaru-ness. In fact, it outperforms most of its competitors like the Nissan X-Trail and Mazda CX-5. It also has exceptional off-road capabilities. Here’s a detailed review.

Subaru Forester

  1. Honda Fit

This compact hatchback was popularized by its commercial use. It’s known as the Uber car since it’s the most common car owned by Uber drivers. Its popularity can be attributed to its affordability, low maintenance costs, decent carrying capacity and excellent fuel economy. It’s the perfect car for daily commute as it offers an efficient driving experience. Here’s a more detailed review.

Honda Fit

  1. Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail is a tamer alternative to the Subaru Forester. If speed is not your thing, the X-Trail offers a manageable performance. Additionally, it has a stylish design, luxurious interior, ample cabin space and huge storage capacity. The Nissan X-Trail also has off-road capabilities on the all-wheel models. Here’s a more detailed review.

Nissan X-Trail

  1. Subaru Exiga

The Subaru Exiga is a fairly new car in the market but has already made a mark as one of the best cars to buy in Kenya. Subaru has some of the most reliable cars and the Exiga is no exception. This 7-seater MPV outdoes its competitors in performance, style and efficiency. One of its key strengths is its superb handling. It drives effortlessly with excellent acceleration. Here’s a more detailed review.

Subaru Exiga

  1. Toyota Wish

The growing demand for big and affordable cars has given rise to the popularity of 7-seater cars. The Toyota Wish is among the most popular 7-seater in Kenya as it offers low maintenance costs with reliable carrying capacity. The Wish has an impressive cabin space that offers passengers ample legroom and headroom. It drives smooth thanks to the 7-speed CVT transmission. Here’s a more detailed review.

Toyota Wish

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