2013 Mazda Axela Review

The Mazda Axela is one of the best hatchbacks in the Kenyan market today and is loved by most young clientele due to its luxury and refinement. Also known as the Mazda 3 outside japan, it competes with established brands such as the VW Golf, Audi A3, Subaru Impreza and Toyota Auris.

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The 2013 Mazda Axela is offered with 4 engine options: a 1.5-Litre SKYACTIV-G petrol engine, a 2.0-Litre SKYACTIV-G petrol engine, a 2.2 SKYACTIV-D turbo diesel engine, and a 2.0-Litre KYACTIV-HYBRID. These are linked to either a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed Electronically controlled automatic transmission and are available in both 2WD and 4WD.

2013 Mazda Axela Grades
1. Mazda Axela 15C – This is the base model . It comes with the 1.5L engine, 2WD/4WD, 16-inch alloy rims, key start and CD/Radio player
2. Mazda Axela 15S – This is the sports grade that comes with 1.5L engine, 2WD/4WD, 17-inch alloy rims, steering shifts, and sports trim.
3. Mazda Axela 20S – This grade comes with the 2.0L engine, 2WD, 17-inch alloy rims, Keyless and steering controls. Other grades in this range include 20S Touring and 20S Touring L Package.
4. Mazda Axela XD – This is a high-performance grade that comes with the 2.2L diesel engine, 2WD, and 18-inch alloy rims
5. Mazda Axela HYBRID C – This grade comes with the hybrid engine, 2WD, 16-inch alloy rims, key start, and CD/Radio player
6. Mazda Axela-S – This is the sports grade that comes with a hybrid engine, 2WD, 17-inch alloy rims, steering shifts, and sports trim. The Mazda Axela-S L Package grade comes with leather seats.

2013 Mazda Axela Interior

The interior of the Mazda Axela is contemporary and opulent. The dashboard is well-organized, with everything neatly situated and easily accessible. The cabin is comfortable, with ample legroom for all passengers. Both the driver and the front passenger have ample legroom and space to recline. At the second, the legroom is comparable to the first row, and the chairs are equally elevated and padded.

Cabin Storage
For the first row, there are 2 cup/bottle holders, door panel storage, dashboard storage, a glovebox and the center box. For the second row, the storage is on the front seat jacket pockets and door side pockets.

2013 Mazda Axela Safety Features: SRS Airbag System, Launch Assist(HLA), MAZDA PROACTIVE SAFETY, i-ACTIVESENSE, Danger Recognition Support System(DRSS), Forward Collision Warning(FOW), Lane Departure Warning System(LDWS), Adaptive Front Lighting System(AFS), Rear Vehicle Monitoring System(RVM), Smart Brake Support(SBS), Smart City Brake Support(SCBS), AT False Start Suppression Control

2013 Mazda Axela Boot Space

Both the hatchback and the sedan have sufficient cargo space to accommodate a family of five. The hatchbacks can create an extra boot space if the rear seats are folded down.

2013 Mazda Axela Exterior

The 2013 Mazda Axela maintains its design as the 2012 model. It is offered as a hatchback and as a sedan. The Axela’s expressive sheet metal strikes a great balance between elegance and sportiness, whether in sedan or hatchback configuration. In the 2012 model, the front end was resculpted into a more relaxed smirk, softening the nearly menacing grin; the front air dam and fascia were also resculpted to segue more smoothly into the flared front fenders. A revised rear fascia and a pair of new wheel styles gave the vehicle an updated appearance.

2013 Mazda Axela Fuel Consumption

2013 Mazda Axela 1.5-Litre SKYACTIV-G petrol engine fuel consumption- 5.8litres/100km

2013 Mazda Axela 2.0-Litre SKYACTIV-G petrol engine fuel consumption- 5,6L/100km

2013 Mazda Axela 2.2 SKYACTIV-D turbo diesel engine fuel consumption- 4.1L/100km

2013 Mazda Axela Acceleration

2013 Mazda Axela 1.5-Litre SKYACTIV-G petrol engine acceleration 0-100: 10.6 secs

2013 Mazda Axela 2.0-Litre SKYACTIV-G petrol engine acceleration 0-100: 8.2 secs

2013 Mazda Axela 2.2 SKYACTIV-D turbo diesel engine acceleration 0-100: 8.1 secs

2013 Mazda Axela Fuel Tank Capacity: 51 Litres

2013 Mazda Axela Ground Clearance
The 2013 Mazda Axela has a ground clearance of 6.4 Inches(165mm) which is slightly low by Kenyan standards and may not clear some speed bumps. If its imported from Japan, you may need to increase the ground clearance. Read our guidelines here on how to safely increase a vehicle’s ground clearance.

2013 Mazda Axela Stability and Handling

The Mazda Axela exhibits a level of refinement uncommon in Japanese cars.. When turning at a reasonable pace, it feels completely composed with no understeer or oversteer at all. The 2.2L diesel has the best low-end torque and the fastest acceleration, making it the most pleasurable to drive.


The Mazda Axela is a luxurious vehicle with a high level of safety and elegance. It competes with some of the best automobiles on the market and, with good care, may serve you for many years.

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