10 Best Toyota Cars in Kenya

  1. Toyota Prado

The Toyota Prado is a large seven-seater SUV that is powered by both petrol and diesel engines. In Kenya, the Toyota Prado competes with the Land Rover Discovery, Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Pathfinder and the Ford Everest. Read the full Toyota Prado Review here

Toyota Prado Kenya

Toyota Prado

  1. Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is a time-tested workhorse that has been the mainstay of light commercial transport in Kenya for many years. It’s longevity is unquestionable and it’s commonplace to find older versions still kicking on the roads even after years of abuse and thousands of miles. The newer versions have been criticized for not being as hardy as their predecessors and their reliability has been put to question. Read the Detailed Toyota Hilux Review here

Toyota Hilux

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is arguably the most transcendent 4×4 in the world today. It is the longest running Toyota production vehicle, in the market since 1951. In Kenya, it’s a status symbol favored by the high and the might, simply known as the Land Cruiser V8. Read the Detailed Toyota Land Cruiser Review here

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Kenya

Toyota Land Cruiser

  1. Toyota Vitz

The impact of the Toyota Vitz in Kenya has been tremendous and it’s not a far stretch to credit it with the widespread acceptance of sub-compacts in the past decade. There were others before such as the VW Polo and the Toyota Starlet but they never gained the same success as the Vitz. It’s comfortable, affordable to buy and fuel-efficient which are factors that greatly influenced people’s perceptions of the small car. Read the Detailed Toyota Vitz Review here

Toyota Vitz Kenya

Toyota Vitz

  1. Toyota Harrier

With the introduction of the third generation in December 2013 the Toyota Harrier was decoupled from the Lexus RX and they are now separate entities. The Harrier has undergone extensive changes with the most notable being the futuristic frontal redesign. Read the full Toyota Harrier Review here

Toyota Harrier Kenya

Toyota Harrier


  1. Toyota Rav4

Ever since it was introduced to the market in 1994, the Toyota RAV4 has been a top selling car. It was the first car to successfully bridge the gap between the big SUVs and the small Compacts. It was by way of the Toyota RAV4 that the world was introduced to the now popular Crossover category and over the years, there have been many competitors but the RAV4 has weathered the storm. Read the full Toyota Rav4 Review here

2020 Toyota Rav 4 Kenya

Toyota Rav 4

  1. Toyota Fielder

The Toyota Fielder is a versatile station wagon that can be used for both private and commercial purposes. It’s a highly sought after car in the Kenyan market due to its reliability, fuel efficiency and carrying capacity. However, this is only the icing on the cake as the Toyota Fielder has a lot more to offer in terms of performance, comfort and general aesthetics. Read the full Toyota Fielder Review here

Toyota Fielder Kenya

Toyota Fielder

  1. Toyota HiAce

The Toyota HiAce is a light commercial van that is manufactured by Toyota and sold in various markets around the world. It’s a multipurpose vehicle that is highly configurable for diverse applications such as public transport, cargo transport and executive transport. In Kenya, it’s widely used as a public transport vehicle popularly known as the Matatu and other roles such as tour operations. Read the Full Toyota HiAce Review here

Toyota Hiace Kenya

Toyota HiAce

  1. Toyota Axio

The Toyota Axio is a 5 seater saloon that was introduced to the Japanese market in 2007. It is the saloon version of the popular Toyota Fielder and is marketed as a small sized family car. It is a good alternative for people who prefer saloons and do not mind to sacrifice on boot space that comes with station wagons. Read the Full Toyota Axio Review here

Toyota Axio Kenya

Toyota Axio

  1. Toyota Premio

The Toyota Premio is an all-time favorite amongst Kenyans who love it for its style, comfort and low maintenance costs. It is comparable in size to the Audi A4, Subaru Legacy B4, Mercedes C180, and the BMW 318i. The Toyota Premio is arguably the cheapest among these but it maintains a decent level of class and top-notch reliability. Read the Full Toyota Premio Review here

Toyota Premio Kenya

Toyota Premo

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